The sky is the limit - get involved

Pursue your passion. Support your community. Make lifelong connections.

The Tippie experience would not be complete without being part of a student organization. From career connections to community service projects, guest speakers, and leadership opportunities, student orgs enrich your college experience with ways to get involved outside the classroom.

There are two categories of student organizations currently affiliated with the Tippie College: Industry/Major Specific and Professional/Community Development.

Tippie student

Tippie Senate

Tippie Senate is the voice of the undergraduate experience for business students and helps steward student organizations.

Industry/Major Specific

These organizations are typically affiliated with an academic department and/or major within Tippie. While these organizations may have service and professional development components, their primary mission stems from an industry-specific area. Their memberships are also typically—though not exclusively—pulled from students in their associated major.

Professional/Community Development

These organizations are typically open to any student with an interest in their mission.This category of organizations includes coed business fraternities, identity-related groups, and service-based organizations.

Forms and resources for student organizations

All student orgs have access to free web hosting services through the Tippie College of Business. We recommend that groups who choose to create and maintain a website hosted by Tippie have a dedicated webmaster because these sites are more specialized. To pursue this route, contact Rachel Stewart.

Want to start a new student organization? Contact Tevin Robbins in the Undergraduate Program Office, C140 PBB or 319-335-1037.