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Pick your major(s) and minor, explore certificates, complete a Tippie RISE experience, and reach out for help if you get stuck.

Majors & minors

Tippie offers six undergraduate majors and a dozen specialized tracks within some of those majors. This section contains requirements for each major, tracks, course descriptions, and prerequisites.

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These certificate programs can elevate your profile as a candidate when it’s time to look for a job.

Tippie RISE

Studying abroad in a country you’ve only seen in movies. Interning with a startup or a big four accounting firm. Solving real business problems for real-world clients. Working with world-renowned faculty on independent research. Tippie is a place where experiences like these are possible, and frankly, required. Get to know Tippie RISE.


In the glorious world of exciting majors and global study options, you know what’s underrated? Planning, academic support, and tutoring. We’re here to guide you every step of the way. So you have all your gen eds. And remember to take the right prereqs. And know what it takes to double major. Or graduate in three years. And have the tutoring help if you need it. You get the idea.

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Undergraduate to Graduate programs

Students in their third year of undergraduate study with a qualifying GPA of 3.25 are eligible for Iowa’s Undergraduate to Graduate (U2G) programs—sometimes referred to as 4+1. You’ll save time and money by applying 10-15 semester hours toward both your undergraduate and graduate degrees. U2G makes it possible to graduate with a Master's in Finance or a Master's in Business Analytics in just two extra semesters (rather than the typical three).