A student is placed on academic probation when the GPA in any of the following categories falls below 2.00:

  • all course work completed;
  • all course work completed at the University of Iowa;
  • all business courses completed;
  • all business courses completed at the University of Iowa;
  • all courses completed to satisfy requirements for the major; and
  • all courses completed at the University of Iowa to satisfy requirements for the major.

When all of the above GPAs equal or surpass 2.00, a student is removed from probation. Normally, a student is allowed only one session to return to good academic standing. A student on academic probation who withdraws registration after the deadline for dropping courses may be dismissed.

A student may be dismissed from the University of Iowa at any time for unsatisfactory scholarship. While some probationary period usually precedes a dismissal, even students in good academic standing who complete a term with extremely unsatisfactory grades may be dismissed immediately. Students dismissed from the Tippie College of Business for poor scholarship may petition for permission to reregister, but normally only after the expiration of one calendar year following the end of the term in which the dismissal took place, and only in accordance with the instructions as described in their dismissal letter.

To appeal a dismissal, contact the Undergraduate Program Office at 319-335-1037 or visit us in C140 PBB.