Only Tippie students can use this form to request the second-grade-only option. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) and pre-business students must use the process established by CLAS

Before completing this form, Tippie students should discuss using the second-grade-only option with their advisor and confirm they are eligible to use a second-grade-only option.

A request for a second-grade-only option cannot be processed unless the session in which the course is being repeated has begun. Students admitted to Tippie may use the second-grade-only option on any courses except those numbered over 3005 in ACCT, BAIS, BUS, ECON, FIN, MSCI, MGMT, MKTG, and ENTR.


  • You may apply the option to up to three courses.
  • The option may be used once per course and cannot be retracted from the record.
  • A course taken at another institution may not be used under the option.
  • A UI course may not be repeated at another institution under the option.
  • If the course was first taken for a grade, it must also be the second time.
  • Pass/nonpass courses may be taken for a grade the second time.
  • Courses using this option may be taken in any mode of delivery.
  • Graduate colleges may recalculate GPA using all grades visible on the record.


If you are using the second-grade-only option, you must register as usual for the course that is to be replaced. After the session has begun, then you should request the second-grade-only option. Once the second grade has been taken, records will be marked with "#" to show that your first grade has been replaced.

Have you discussed the second-grade-only option with your advisor?

Course Information

Please enter the semester and year in which the course was taken the first time.

Please enter the semester and year in which you will be taking the course the second time.