Spring 2024 MBA Commencement Ceremony

Hancher Auditorium
Saturday, May 18, 2024
10:00 a.m.

This traditional, in-person ceremony will be held at Hancher Auditorium, which is located on the main University of Iowa campus.

Individuals with a Fall 2023, Spring 2024, and Summer 2024 MBA degree application on file and appropriately submitted RSVP confirmation may participate in this ceremony. (Note: In addition to the RSVP, Summer 2024 candidates must complete their MBA degree application by the deadline provided below in order to participate.) 

If your degree application semester is not noted above and/or you have questions regarding your commencement ceremony participation eligibility, please contact Raven McMurrin (raven-mcmurrin@uiowa.edu).

How to RSVP for the commencement ceremony

The Spring 2024 Iowa MBA Commencement Ceremony RSVP deadline has now passed.

The RSVP process is an Opt-In system. Only students who RSVP “Attending” by the deadline and attend the ceremony will have their names read as well as displayed during the ceremony broadcast.

RSVP process for Fall 2023 graduates, Spring 2024 degree applicants, and Summer 2024 degree applicants

  1. On the MyUI homepage, select the “Degrees/Graduation” tile in “Student Information” section.
  2. Under the “Graduation” section, select the “Commencement Attendance” link.
  3. Click on “RSVP” next to the Iowa MBA Commencement Ceremony and follow the prompts.
    • You will need to confirm your name and participation intention.
    • You will have the option to upload a photo to be used on your individual recognition slide.
      • Slides are for personal use and are not used at the in-person ceremonies.
      • You can add or edit your commencement slide photo until the noted deadline.
      • Your finalized individual recognition slide will be available for download approximately two weeks prior to the ceremony.
    • Be sure to finish the RSVP in one sitting and save your responses!
      • You will receive a confirmation email to your uiowa.edu account once your RSVP has been finalized.

Shortly after completing the RSVP process, you should receive a communication regarding a request for participants to provide a guest count. This ensures that the outlined building capacity guidelines at Hancher Auditorium are maintained. Should a guest limit need to be implemented, a communication will be distributed to participants as soon as possible. Please note that only a guest count number is needed as this is a non-ticketed event and seats are not assigned.

If your degree application semester is not noted above and/or you have questions regarding the RSVP process, please contact Raven McMurrin (raven-mcmurrin@uiowa.edu).

As a reminder, those with an eligible MBA degree application on file along with a submitted RSVP confirmation by the appropriate deadlines may participate in this ceremony. If you have not yet completed the degree application process, please see the subsequent sections.

Degree application and certificate completion information

For degree completion and conferral as well as certificate completion and awarding to be recognized, you must apply to graduate by completing a degree application for your program(s) of study. Details regarding this process are provided below.

Concerning the timing of this crucial process, reference “Important dates and degree application deadlines” chart.

Please note that the degree application must be completed by 11:59 p.m. CT on the corresponding published date.

Conferral of the degree and/or certificate(s) is based upon when you complete your program of study requirements. Conferral dates are noted in the chart below as well.

Executive MBA students do not complete this process as the administration for that program does so on their behalf.

Important dates and degree application deadlines

Degree requirements completion term degree conferral date degree application deadline
Fall 2023 December 2023 September 29, 2023
Winter GLO (January travel) 2023 May 2024 February 23, 2024
Winter 2023 May 2024 February 23, 2024
Spring 2024 May 2024 February 23, 2024
Spring GLO (May travel) 2024 May 2024 February 23, 2024
Summer 2024 August 2024

February 23, 2024
(May commencement participation)

June 7, 2024
(No May commencement participation)  

Degree applications are available for the current semester and one future semester.

The Office of the Registrar will assess a $20 late application fee if the application is received after stated deadlines.

If you do not complete degree requirements in the semester in which you apply, the Office of Registrar will require a new application and any applicable late fees for that application will be assessed.

Degree application process directions

To have your degree conferred and/or certificate(s) awarded,  complete a degree application by doing the following:

  1. Log into MyUI and click on "Student Information" in the top menu.
  2. In the right column under "Student Life Management", click on "Degree Application."
  3. Follow the steps to complete the application.
    • Select all programs of study that you plan to have conferred and/or awarded in the graduating semester.
      • A certificate must be a listed program of study on your record for it to appear as a selection option.
      • Important: A Business Analytics Certificate must be requested to be awarded in the semester the certificate is finished. It cannot be awarded retroactively.
  4. If unable to complete the process outlined above, contact tippie-gradacademics@uiowa.edu

Need to add a certificate as a program of study? Email tippie-gradacademics@uiowa.edu

Questions as to whether you have met the requirements to graduate? Contact your academic advisor

Questions regarding the graduation application process? Email tippie-gradacademics@uiowa.edu

Ceremony details

Arrival & check-in

Please arrive for the ceremony with appropriate regalia in hand by 9:00 a.m.

Upon entering Hancher Auditorium, follow the signage to the graduate check-in area. When checking in, graduates will be asked to verify the phonetic spelling of their name and given a card with that verified spelling. This card is to be given to the name reader prior to walking across the stage during the ceremony. If graduating with academic honors, honors distinction cords will be distributed at this time as well.

After checking in, graduates may proceed to the graduate staging area to find their position in the processional order. To ensure a timely start to the ceremony, graduates should be in their processional position no later than 15 minutes prior to the start time of the ceremony.

If a graduate needs any special accommodations, please contact Raven McMurrin at raven-mcmurrin@uiowa.edu for assistance with making the appropriate arrangements.


The Iowa MBA Commencement ceremony is a non-ticketed event as Hancher Auditorium offers the opportunity for open seating. However, outlined building capacity guidelines must be maintained.

Upon completing the RSVP process, graduates are expected to provide a count of how many guests they plan to have in attendance at the event. This is done by replying to an email that is sent to the graduate shortly after RSVP submission. While a guest count limit is not set currently, a communication will be distributed to participants as soon as possible should one need to be implemented.

On the day of the event, no backpacks or large bags are allowed inside Hancher Auditorium. We reserve the right to inspect items brought into the building.

If graduates have a guest(s) planning to attend who needs special accommodations, please contact Raven McMurrin (raven-mcmurrin@uiowa.edu) for assistance with making the appropriate arrangements.


The program will begin with a processional of the graduates led by the platform committee. Once everyone is seated, the ceremony will begin with a welcome from Dean Jennifer Blackhurst, followed by the commencement address, conferral of degrees, presenting of graduates, and ending with closing remarks.

For the presenting of graduates, participants will be invited to the stage front to be recognized individually. After handing their name card (received at check-in) to the name reader at the podium, graduates will walk briskly to center stage to shake hands with a university official and Dean Amy Kristof-Brown. Graduates will then continue across the stage to shake hands and receive their diploma cover from Dean Blackhurst. After receiving their diploma cover, graduates will continue off stage to have their professional picture taken before returning to their seat on stage.

Following the closing remarks, graduates will be asked to stand, and the platform committee will then lead the recessional out of the ceremony auditorium and back to the graduate staging area.

Though the actual length of the event is dependent upon the number of participants, the Iowa MBA Commencement Ceremony is approximately just over one hour in length typically.

Commencement apparel (regalia)

For graduates attending the commencement ceremony, the appropriate regalia listed below is required to be worn:

  • University of Iowa Masters Gown
  • Mortarboard Cap
  • Masters Hood
  • Black tassel

To ensure consistency and quality of regalia, the University of Iowa has transitioned to rentals for all graduates. The masters rental includes all items listed above with the gown and hood needing to be returned while the mortarboard cap and tassel can be kept. (If the gown and hood are not returned, the purchaser will be charged.) While at a significantly higher cost, the option to purchase fine-quality custom keeper regalia is available if a graduate prefers to do so.

*NOTE: Executive MBA graduates do NOT need to complete the regalia ordering process. Your program administrator should have already distributed it to you.

Regalia ordering deadlines & return process

Order as soon as possible! Rental orders are delivered approximately three weeks after the order is placed. For those who chose to purchase their regalia, a minimum of six weeks for delivery should be allotted in order to avoid additional costs. (International orders are accepted, but delivery time varies.)

Shipping Option Selection Tip: The Hawk Shop and University Bookstore will not be open in time on the day of the ceremony to pick up a regalia order. Unless a graduate plans to pick up their order prior to the morning of Saturday, May 18, the ship to home address option should be selected. For Hawk Shop and University Bookstore hours, check out the Store Hours on the Hawk Shop and University Bookstore website.

Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore for pickup option (Rentals Only)

  • If regalia rental order is shipped to the Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore, the order should be placed no later than Tuesday, March 5. (No additional shipping charge for this option.)
  • If regalia rental order was picked up from the Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore, the appropriate rental items should be returned to the Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore.

Shipping to home address option (Rentals Only)

  • If the regalia rental order is shipped to a home address, the order should be placed no later than Thursday, April 11. (This option includes a shipping charge.)
  • If regalia rental order was shipped to a home address, the appropriate items should be returned using the prepaid shipping label that came with the order. (If the prepaid label was lost, generate a new prepaid label here.)

Miss the ordering deadlines above?

  • While graduates are encouraged to order through the Herff Jones Online Apparel Portal to be guaranteed a full selection of sizes and tassel colors, the Iowa Hawk Shop will have a limited selection of regalia available in store beginning Feb. 1. (Important: Beginning on May 6, a $20 late fee for regalia rentals or purchases made in store.)
    • Important: The Hawk Shop and University Bookstore will not be open in time on the day of the ceremony to purchase regalia. An in-store regalia purchase must be done prior to the morning of Saturday, May 18. For Hawk Shop and University Bookstore hours, check out the Store Hours on the Hawk Shop and University Bookstore website.
  • If regalia rental order was purchased from the Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore, the appropriate rental items should be returned to the Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore.
Regalia ordering process

Below are the steps to rent or purchase the required regalia. If a graduate would like to rent some items while purchasing others, this can be done using a combination of the instructions below.

To RENT required regalia items listed above, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Herff Jones Online Apparel Portal
  2. Scroll down to "Rent Master's & Doctoral Regalia" and click "Order Now"
  3. In "Choose your school, campus, or organization:" box, populate dropdown menus as follows then click "SHOP"
    • Master's & Doctoral Rental Regalia
    • Master's Student
    • Select preferred shipping option
  4. Select "Cap & Gown" at top of the page
  5. Scroll down and select "Graduation Regalia" 
  6. Under "Cap & Gown Information heading, enter needed information and select "Add to Cart"
    • In "Area of Study" dropdown menu, select "Iowa MBA"
  7. Review "Order Summary" for accuracy and then click "CHECKOUT"
  8. Follow the prompts to complete order

While there are other regalia rental options that can be selected in the “Graduation Packages” section, the “Graduation Regalia” option is the minimum rental selection that provides all required regalia items.

To PURCHASE required regalia items listed above, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Herff Jones Online Apparel Portal
  2. Scroll down to “Purchase Fine Quality Masters or Doctoral Regalia” and click “Order Now”
  3. Under “Master Regalia” heading, click “Purchase Master Regalia”
  4. Select all items under “Check Products You Wish to Order” and answer populated questions
    • For Master Hood question, select “Commerce, Accountancy, Business (Drab)”
  5. Click “Add to Cart”
  6. Review “Shopping Cart” for accuracy and then click “Proceed to Checkout”
  7. Follow the prompts to complete order

For questions about the Herff Jones Online Apparel Portal, contact gradmidwest@gmail.com or 952-447-4449.

For in-store Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore purchase and regalia pick-up questions, contact tracy-brodrick@uiowa.edu or 319-335-3179.

Honor distinction cords (graduates)

As noted above, those graduating with academic honors will receive honors distinction cords at check-in on the day of the event.

Iowa MBA candidates who have achieved at least a 3.80 cumulative grade point average and Iowa Executive MBA candidates who have achieved a 4.00 cumulative grade point average are awarded “With Distinction” honors. During the commencement ceremony, these individuals wear gold honor distinction cords.

Due to required printing lead times as well as the timing of the ceremony, “With Distinction” notations are based on the cumulative grade point average calculated through the previous fall semester. Final qualification for graduating “With Distinction” is based on the cumulative grade point average through the completion of the degree. Therefore, “With Distinction” designations reflected on official University of Iowa records may differ from those indicated during this program.

Other recognition (graduates)

Various university clubs, groups, and organizations provide a commemorative graduation item to its members. These items range from medals and medallions to cords and stoles that can be worn during the commencement ceremony.

Many of these items are provided by the managing unit. As an example, the Iowa Veteran Education, Transition, and Support (IVETS) Office contacts graduating veterans via their university email address approximately one month prior to the end of their graduating semester regarding the provision of an honorary sash. Graduating veterans can also contact the IVETS Office (ui-ivets@uiowa.edu). If not provided by the managing unit, such recognition items can be obtained through the Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore.

Please note that the Graduate and Professional Programs division do not manage or maintain a comprehensive list of recognition items.

Commencement dress (graduates)

As noted above, graduates are required to wear the appropriate regalia during the commencement ceremony.

If time permits, masters gowns should be pressed with a cool iron or allowed to hang in order to remove wrinkles. Flowers or other adornments may not be attached to gowns. Caps are to be worn with the mortarboard horizontal and the tassel on the left. Caps should be worn from the start of the processional until exiting ceremony auditorium.

When wearing your masters gown, please note that your outfit may be visible from above the neckline and/or below the hemline of the gown depending on the size and fit. We recommend that students consider wearing a collared dress shirt and tie, collared blouse, or shallow scoop neck top with khakis, dark-colored dress pants, or a skirt. A dress with a similar neckline and a hemline shorter than the master's gown is an option as well. Dress footwear should be comfortable as there will be a good amount of walking and standing throughout the event. Ultimately, we encourage students to try on their graduation day outfit with their gown (sitting and standing) to make sure they are comfortable with their outfit selection. 

Besides the name card, nothing should be taken on stage by graduates during the ceremony. Graduates are encouraged to leave any personal items including jackets and purses with their guest(s) prior to checking in as the graduate staging area will not be secured during the ceremony. 


University of Iowa graduates with no outstanding University charges receive one 8.5" x 11" diploma per degree earned.

Diplomas are mailed by the Office of the Registrar using the respective Diploma Mailing Address of each graduate. If a Diploma Mailing Address is not listed for a student, the diploma is mailed to the Residing Address listed in MyUI. This mailing process begins once final grades for the degree are processed.

Students can expect to receive their diploma approximately eight weeks after their graduating session.


A certified electronic and/or print version of certificate awards are available for purchase.

Please wait to order certificates until after degrees have been conferred and after receiving a conferral email from Graduation Services.

For more information, visit the Office of the Registrar Diplomas page.

University ceremonial program

The University of Iowa Commencement Program is available in PDF format on the Commencement Programs page.

This program includes a listing of degree candidates from each college, sorted by degree type.

Fall and summer degree candidates are listed in the fall program for their graduating session, while spring degree candidates are listed in the spring program for their graduating session.

Important points of note:

  • The exclusion of a student's name from the program may be due to a directory restriction on their academic record.
  • Applying for a degree after the degree application deadline may result in exclusion of the student name from the commencement program.
  • Inclusion in the commencement program is not tied to participation in a ceremony.
  • Publishing names of degree candidates in the program booklet is not a verification of completion of degree requirements.
  • All graduates are listed in the program according to the time at which they earned or are expected to earn a degree.
  • Using their university email account, students may request to not include their name in the program by contacting UI-commencement@uiowa.edu.

If you have additional questions about the commencement program please contact UI-commencement@uiowa.edu.

Graduation Products

Through Herff Jones, a variety of personalized graduation products are available for purchase. These items include graduation announcements, college rings, and diploma frames.

Orders may be placed online or by phone at (800) 837-4235. Please order accordingly as delivery time is approximately two weeks.