Registration dates

All UI students are assigned a date and time each semester when registration for an upcoming semester can begin. You can view your registration date and time when you log into MyUI. You are highly encouraged to register on this date, or as early as possible, to have the best chance to get a seat in your preferred courses.

Semester iowa mba, msba, professional and analytics certificate
Summer 2024 March 4, 2024, 9:00 a.m. Central Time
Fall 2024 June 3, 2024, 9:00 a.m. Central Time
Winter 2024 November 11, 2024, 9:00 a.m. Central Time
Spring 2025 November 11, 2024, 9:00 a.m. Central Time

Adding a course

You should register for your course(s) as early as possible once registration opens. You can enroll for a course in MyUI up until 11:59 p.m. the night before the course start date as long as space is available, you have met prerequisite requirements, and are in compliance with enrollment guidelines. Please note that many instructors require students to complete assignments and/or readings prior to the start date, so it is highly recommended to register at least a week in advance.

On or after the first day of an 8-week or 11-week course, contact the Tippie Grad Registration Office at or 319-467-0358 to inquire about the possibility of a late add. (DO NOT submit an ADD request in MyUI, as it will not be processed.) Late adds are not possible for courses shorter than 8 weeks. 

Dropping a course

The Tuition Responsibility Schedule (pdf) for Graduate and Professional Programs (GPP) is different than the general University; please only refer to this schedule and disregard any other tuition responsibility-related information you may find in other UI websites and communications or in MyUI. You may drop a course through MyUI up until 11:59 p.m. the day before the listed course start date. Dropping after this point requires you to email the GPP Registration office at with the course name and the reason for the drop. (DO NOT request a drop in MyUI, as it will not be processed.) If you drop on or after the course start date, you will be responsible for paying a minimum of 10% of the tuition. The tuition amount you are responsible for paying increases over time as the class progresses. Note that accelerated courses, including winter classes, may have official start dates that are prior to the date of the first class session.

Not attending class does not constitute a course drop. Failure to provide official notice of the drop may result in receiving a grade of "F" in the course.

Iowa MBA and/or Professional Certificate(s): The last day to drop a class without receiving an "F" letter grade is one week prior to the class end date listed in MyUI or, for winter only, the day prior to the last class session date listed in MyUI.

MSBA and/or Business Analytics Certificate: The last day to drop a class without receiving an "F" letter grade can be found by looking up the course on the Course Deadlines webpage and looking at the "Last day to drop without dean's approval, graduate" date. Note that the GPP's tuition responsibility schedule will be used to assess tuition.

MBA courses are 8 weeks in length while those offered by the MSBA Program are 11 weeks. Winter session courses will generally be 3 or 4 weeks long and often meet two weeknights (e.g. Mondays and Thursdays). 

Students may register for no more than the maximum course load each session.  Maximum course loads vary and are outlined below. You may not enroll in two courses that meet on the same date and time. This includes courses where only one of the days or nights overlap.  If you want to enroll in a course with a prerequisite, you need to have completed the prerequisite or been waived from it before the course begins.  Tippie Graduate and Professional Programs monitor restrictions and will administratively drop students from courses they are enrolled in that violate the restrictions outlined below.

While students are allowed to take two 8-week courses at a time, please be aware that the workload may be challenging given your other professional and personal commitments. You should plan on at least 20-24 hours per week of study and coursework for the two courses. This will vary weekly depending on exams, presentations, team assignments, and your previous experience with the subject.  

Course Load
  • Fall and Spring sessions: No more than two courses may have overlapping MyUI start/end dates. You may enroll in up to four courses (12 semester hours) by taking two first 8-week session courses and two second 8-week session courses. 
    • As an exception to the rule above, you make take three concurrent courses that are only concurrent for 3 weeks (i.e. two 11-week courses with a second 8-week session course or one 11-week course with two second session 8-week courses).
  • Summer Session: No more than two courses may have overlapping MyUI start/end dates. You may not take more than two summer courses. 
  • 11-week only:
    • If you meet all criteria below, you are eligible to enroll in three concurrent 11-week Business Analytics Part-time courses. 
      • Admitted to the Iowa MBA or MSBA Program.
      • Completed at least nine semester hours of graded credit in the program (not including transfer credit)
      • Cumulative GPA of 3.5+ in all Iowa graduate coursework
      • Not enrolled in Analytics Experience for the respective session
  • Winter Session: You may enroll in one course (3 semester hours) offered through the Iowa MBA Program. 


Global Learning Opportunities (GLO) (MBA)

The GLO is considered toward enrollment caps.  Additionally, no other courses may be taken during the session that travel is scheduled (i.e. January GLO precludes winter session enrollment; May GLO precludes another spring 2nd session 8-week course).

If registration hasn't yet opened, you should begin to complete these steps about one month prior to the date registration opens. If registration has already begun, you can complete the steps right away.

To prepare to register, you should complete the following steps:

REFER to your degree audit to determine your course options for the upcoming semester.  If you have not already done so, it would be beneficial to schedule an advising appointment.

ACCESS the course schedule on your program's web page when it has been posted (which is approximately four weeks prior to the start of registration). Pay close attention to the details on that page, such as course dates, times, section numbers, prerequisites and special drop deadlines.

LOG into MyUI approximately one week prior to the date and time you can register and check on the bulleted list of items below to make sure your account is clear of any holds. Checking on these items a week ahead of time will give you time to address possible holds or balances due prior to registration.

  • Review your assigned registration date and time (Central Time). Mark your calendar!
  • Navigate to the Financial Aid & Billing page to check for and pay for a possible U-bill balance, view information on how to apply for Financial Aid, and pay your U-bill.
  • Click on the Courses/Registration page to pay your U-bill and check for other registration holds/blocks (academic or financial) that may prevent you from registering.
  • All international students, including international residents working in the US on a work visa, need to make sure you submit proof of health insurance coverage through the MyUI student information portal. If you are an international student and haven't already done so, this will need to be completed. Often it is a simple process indicating you have coverage through your employer. (Please refer to an email sent by University Benefits Office.)
  • On the day before registration, review the most recent course schedule to verify that the course dates, times, prerequisites, and special drop deadlines haven’t changed.

If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or

On the morning of registration:

TURN ON your computer at least 10 minutes prior to your assigned registration date and time (Central Standard Time).

LOG into MyUI.

CLICK on the Courses/Registration tab.

SEARCH for the course in which you want to enroll by selecting the appropriate term and entering the course subject, course number, and section number. You can find this information on the Tippie website under your program's schedule.

CLICK the blue "Enroll" link on the right side of the page. Do NOT select the "Add To Scheduler" button.

Registration instructions - arrow pointing to Enroll link in blue text

CLICK the green "Add" button at the lower left to confirm your registration for the course.

Registration instructions - click on the green Add button at the lower left

If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or