Transfer credits

In many cases, it's possible to transfer Business Analytics credits between applicable programs.

To / From the Iowa MBA Program

Up to five Business Analytics courses can be counted toward the degree requirements of the Iowa MBA. These include the core Business Analytics course (MSCI:9100) plus up to four more counted as electives.

If you're a current Iowa MBA student, we can accept up to nine semester hours of credit toward the certificate or MS in Business Analytics.

If you're an Iowa MBA alumnus (i.e., have already graduated), we can accept up to six semester hours of credit toward the certificate or MS in Business Analytics depending upon the timing of when the MBA courses were completed.

If you are currently pursuing the Master's in Business Analytics and plan to earn an MBA, your best bet is the dual MS/MBA program. It lets you earn both degrees with 60 semester hours instead of 75. See details.

To / From Iowa State University's Master of Business Analytics

Through a cooperative agreement with Iowa State University, we will accept up to nine semester hours of Master's elective credit from ISU's Master of Business Analytics program. The policy goes both ways; ISU will accept up to nine s.h. from our program. Start by completing the Cooperation form (pdf) and emailing it to

Readmission policy

If you're not enrolled in any courses for three consecutive semesters—including a spring, summer, and fall (winter session doesn't count)—you'll need to apply for readmission. The readmission application is shorter than the typical app and carries a small fee.

See the Returning Graduate Students page for details.