For groups outside the College of Business please note our recent changes:

  • We are no longer reserving rooms for most non-Tippie related functions
  • Reservations can only be requested one month in advance
  • Gatherings with food of any kind are no longer allowed

Rooms in PBB

  • Small conference room* (seats 14)—C106, W326, W364, S326, and S364
  • Large conference room (seats 75)—W401 (breakout room: W404) and S401
  • Computer classroom—C207 and C231
  • Galleria—W101 and S101
  • College patio (outdoor seating for 90)

For multiple reservations: Use the "Purpose of Room Request" box to list any additional requests (be sure to include room type, date, and times).

To reserve a University Classroom, please go to (This applies to these classrooms: C107C121C125C208C250S107S181S207S307W10W107W151W181W207, and W307.)

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Affiliation with the university

Please note: Unattended tables are not allowed in the gallerias. Please make sure that at least one individual is present at all times.

Type of room requested
Small conference rooms can be reserved only by faculty/staff. Students can reserve these rooms in advance only with faculty/staff approval. Otherwise the rooms are available for reserving with the kiosk outside the room at the exact time you wish to use it.

Indicate your start and end times below - be sure to allow time for set up and clean up