Make your presentation memorable

Whether you are presenting to an audience of hundreds, or just your professor, every detail matters. In this series of videos, Frank Center tutors explain tips and tricks to make your presentation the best it can be. Each series is specifically tailored for a different part of the process: creating your pitch, designing your slides, and presenting yourself.

In your Business Communication and Protocol class, you may have the done the most research. In a business meeting, your idea may be the greatest thing since sliced bread. But when you're presenting your ideas and research, you need to make your audience care. This is where "The Pitch" comes in. If you don't make people care about your ideas and convey them effectively, your audience may miss the most important parts. 

Polish your slide design and presentation skills with this video series brought to you by Iowa JPEC and the Frank Business Communication Center


Instructional videos

Creating your pitch

Created especially for JPEC startups, this section helps you understand the context of a business pitch and how to prepare effectively. 

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Designing your slides

Slides should emphasize key points without being distracting. Watch these videos ready to "pause" at each example for reference. 

Data Visualization


Slide Design

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Presenting yourself

In this series, you will learn about perfecting vocal and physical delivery: how you present the information with your voice and body language. 

Vocal Elements


Physical Elements

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