Creating your plan

Step one: meet with your advisor

Our academic advisors (you may know them as learning center directors; they are people of many talents) are experts in helping you create a personalized plan of study. It's important to collaborate with your academic advisor so you can graduate on the timeline you want. Until then, we've compiled some resources to get you started thinking about what your plan of study will look like.

Schedule advising

Degree requirements

The Iowa MBA Program requires 15 courses (45 semester hours) to graduate. These 15 courses are a well-balanced mix of nine core and six elective courses.

Many courses have prerequisites, and accordingly, there's a sequence of courses you should keep in mind. For example, Managerial Finance is the prerequisite for all finance electives and Business Integration. Sometimes you'll be able to transfer credits or obtain a course waiver if you've recently completed significant academic work in a subject area.

We suggest a balance of quantitative and qualitative courses each semester.

Iowa MBA course flowchart (pdf)

Planning guides

The Iowa MBA Program is flexible and designed to accommodate the changing schedules of working professionals. The program can be completed in anywhere from 24 months to 10 years. That's why planning is so important. We've created a planning guide that you can use to map out your path to the MBA. 

For even more guidance you can also check out sample two-year plans and three-year plans.