Test wealth management strategies in the real world

Making ethical decisions that protect investors is a core part of your finance education at Tippie. The Charles E. Marberry Asset Allocation Fund gives undergraduates in the major a rare opportunity to put theory into practice.

Named for former finance Professor Charles Marberry, this endowment allows students to make wealth management decisions that have real-world impact. Periodically, profits from the Marberry Fund will be redistributed into the Tippie Finance department, and the fund will reset to the initial donation value. The experience provides a unique lesson on the importance of compound returns, and emphasizes the benefit of making wise allocations across investment portfolios.

Students working on the fund will gain insights into fund diversification that can lead to future roles in retirement planning, insurance investing, and portfolio management.

How can I get involved?

Students enrolled in Applied Wealth Management are eligible for participate in the Marberry Fund and will gain access to Tippie’s Finance Lab. Contact us for more information.

About the Marberry Fund

The Marberry Fund was created in 2019 by Scott Taylor (BBA82). His gift to the University of Iowa was granted to establish an undergraduate student-managed investment fund. The fund was named to honor Taylor's former professor, Charles Marberry, whose question, "how long would it take to turn $4,000 into $1 million?" inspired Taylor's continuing interest in wealth management. Taylor holds a BBA in Finance, as well as a BS from the University of Oregon, an MBA from the University of Northern Colorado, and an MS in Finance from Bentley University. He is a retired Major in the United State Army, and competed in the 1972 Olympics modern pentathlon event.

Daniel (BA78/MBA84) and Tina (BA80/MFA84) Lonergan also generously contributed to the Charles Marberry fund. Dan holds a BA in Political Science and an MBA, while Tina holds both a BA and MFA in English and is a graduate of the Iowa Writer's Workshop.

Marberry Asset Allocation Fund Board

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