About us

Through self-improvement, relationship building, and philanthropy, the American Marketing Association (AMA) gives our members a competitive advantage. We will help you progress as a marketing professional so that you will land the career of your dreams. AMA will connect you with like-minded people and send you into the workplace with real-world marketing involvement.






How to join

Joining AMA is simple. Contact us with any questions or come to a meeting.

Marketing conference

In the fall of 2021, the University of Iowa AMA chapter was proud to host the first-ever "Future of Marketing" AMA Conference, where members had the opportunity to hear from three accredited marketing professionals. Ranging from a Senior Director of Strategy at Nike, to marketing professionals in the AI and healthcare industries. We were ecstatic to open our conference to general members and AMA alumni to share and hear other perspectives and experiences in the industry during these changing times.

Professional trips

We visit a major marketing hub within the Midwest each semester. Each trip will give you insight into the amazing things that are happening in the marketing industry. These visits may even introduce you to your future employer.

Guest speakers

At minimum once a month, a speaker from a different business near or far will join AMA, educating us on their career path, offering advice, explaining what their company and role consists of, and discussing potential opportunities to connect or work. There are also various panels and workshopping events throughout the semester.

Contact us

Matthew Roling