About us

The Consumer Experience (CX) Consulting Club strives to give all students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience within the consulting sector. Meeting weekly, we offer an array of guest speakers, insightful lectures, professional workshops, and case practices. We are open to all majors and encourage everyone to join, as this is a great way to meet other like-minded students.



How to join

We are open to any student with an interest in consulting, regardless of major. You can join by reaching out to Michael Headington at michael-headington@uiowa.edu or you can come to a meeting and talk to a member of the executive team.


By getting involved in the CX Consulting group, you’ll meet many other students who share similar ambitions. Join us in our networking events to build great relationships!

Case practice

We offer an array of prestigious consulting firms that ready us for the workplace. Through case practice, you’ll have an edge on the sector and interview process. Success with consulting interviews comes with effective and efficient practice.

Leadership opportunities

Each year we refresh our executive board to give students the chance to demonstrate their managerial skill sets. We encourage everyone to apply for a leadership position and receive exposure to this environment.

Deloitte mentorship program

Learn more about our mentorship matching program sponsored by Deloitte! Members are assigned a mentor in the consulting field and participate in monthly one-on-one calls to ensure they are taking the correct steps to their career.

Contact us

Tyler Tobin