About us

Net Impact empowers young people to drive social and environmental change throughout the Hawkeye community. We want to inspire others to use the power of business to create a more sustainable world. We provide the fuel for you to use business as a force for environmental and social impact on campus.


How to connect

Net Impact is open to all students. Our meetings are generally bi-weekly on Wednesday nights. To join or contact us, feel free to reach out through Instagram or email.

City and community collaboration

We routinely collaborate with Iowa City and the community. Through this, we engage in the city's various events and volunteering opportunities, including their annual Climate Fest. It's fantastic to see the lasting effect that Net Impact is leaving on campus and the community every day.

Networking and relationships

Aside from pushing a sustainable world, our organization presents opportunities to connect with established professionals and experts in various fields. In addition to this, we encourage strong, lasting relationships with each other.

Competitions and conferences

We frequently participate in related conferences and competitions like the annual Frontier Co-op Case Competition. This engages us with other students and professionals who are also committed to making a lasting social and environmental impact on the world.

Contact us

Mae McDonough