About us

Tippie Real Estate Club (TREC) is the perfect organization for students interested in exploring real estate as a career. You will learn about all the aspects of the industry: appraising, private equity, financial lending, and much more. Through conferences, speakers, and recruiting events, we create a passion for the business and offer practical knowledge that you can take out into the real world.



How to join

Tippie Real Estate Club is open to all majors with no membership fee. Contact us about joining us at one of our weekly meetings.

National Real Estate Collegiate Conference

Tippie Real Estate Club visits the DePaul MBA campus in downtown Chicago at the annual National Real Estate Collegiate Conference. The convention invites colleges throughout the country to hear from and network with real estate professionals. TREC pays for the overnight stay, transportation, and a free meal.

Weekly speakers

Each week we host a real estate speaker. The best part about these presentations is that our speakers are actually interested in guiding you into your real estate future. They always stick around after their lectures to chat with our members and learn more about them as individuals.

Accelerating careers

Connect with professionals at our networking and recruiting events that host companies like Principal Financial Group and TransAmerica. These events are known for giving our members the kick start to their careers. Plus, leadership positions within TREC will also help you polish your resume so you can hit the ground running professionally.

Contact us

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