About us

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a professional organization for students interested in learning about HR or management roles. As a member, you will get real-world experience from leading companies through professional speakers or internships and leadership opportunities within the organization.





How to join

SHRM is eager to welcome new members. Contact us for information about meeting times and locations.

Human resource professionals

Get the chance to meet human resource professionals every week at SHRM. We invite speakers with the very best experience to share advice and information about the HR world.

People-focused environment

SHRM will give you a head start on working with people through volunteering. A member favorite is volunteering at the Iowa statewide Society for Human Resource Management Conference.

Internship support

We successfully help every member who needs help with getting a summer internship. Not only by polishing up your resume, but also by helping you with the job search.

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Lorelei Bahl