About us

The Sales & Consulting Club is a Tippie student organization that vows to expose, inform, and prepare students for future careers in the business world relating to sales and consulting. We provide a platform for students to learn about these careers and grow their skills in a friendly and inclusive environment. These meetings are a casual way to learn from professional speakers, engage in sales workshops, and network with other students. It never hurts to develop or refine your creative selling and problem-solving skills. Join us.




How to join

Students of all majors are welcome and encouraged to join our organization. Join us in person or virtually! Contact us for information about meeting times and locations.

Professional Development and Networking

At every meeting we host a new guest speaker from the sales and consulting industry. The relaxed environment allows students to have genuine conversations about the experience and knowledge the guest speaker provides. Additionally, students are encouraged to network and bring their resumes to open the door to potential internships or full-time positions.

Internal sales competition

If you enjoy sales, it's likely you have a competitive side. This organization incorporates that part of sales by hosting a unique internal sales competition at the end of each semester. Students are able to have some friendly competition with their peers, as well as apply what they have learned throughout the semester.

Contact us

Nathan Kumiega