About us

The NRF Student Association supports students who desire to enter the field of retailing and retail marketing by providing experiences outside of the classroom and networking opportunities for students to get immersed in the rapidly growing field of retailing. This club gives opportunities to students by having conversations and meetings with business representatives with plentiful job opportunities/internships possibilities. This includes travel to New York City, where students who decide to go attend “The Big Show,” which is the largest retail convention in the world that provides the ability to have direct conversations with top executives. Students will also have the opportunity to attend a pro trip to another predetermined city. Join us to take advantage of these opportunities and get ahead in the business world!


How to join

Our membership process is not selective. To be a member in good standing, one must attend meetings and pay dues (if requested). Members in good standing have the right to vote as well as to seek and hold elected/appointed offices or positions. Membership in this chapter is open to anyone officially connected to the University of Iowa (enrolled as UI undergraduate or graduate and professional students). The organization shall admit as a member any person who expresses interest, contacts the organization officers, and provides their name and contact information. Check for emails from the NRF or check out our Instagram account (uiowanrf) for more information.

Contact us

Dominic Vezzetti