About us

Moneythink is an organization that aims to help close the economic gap by providing financial literacy education to high school students in the community. Through small group mentoring and large group sessions with high school students, you will not only get to improve your speaking and leadership skills, but also have the opportunity to give back and spend time engaging with the Iowa City community. 



How to join

The recruitment cycle starts during the spring semester. Interested students must first apply, and then will go through an interview process.

Share your knowledge

Moneythink members currently teach financial literacy lessons once each week at Iowa City High, Iowa City West High, and Liberty High School. You will be trained each week on the lesson material. Small groups usually center around a discussion such as mindful saving or budgeting, and large group lessons are usually a large class discussion around a more dynamic topic.

Network with Moneythink professionals

There are networking and leadership institute opportunities in the summer at the national headquarters, where you can meet with the professionals behind the Moneythink movement. 

Contact us

Anthony Gallegos