Combine your curiosity about world cultures with coursework in international business. The International Business Certificate (IBC) adds an international dimension to your undergraduate degree with globally focused coursework, plus study abroad and language study options.

Four areas of study

Coursework revolves around four areas that will help you develop an understanding of the economic and cultural forces that shape the global business environment.

International business

Courses that give you the essential understanding of economics and the knowledge of the functioning areas of international business. Complete 17 s.h. through two required courses and three electives. 

International relations and institutions

Material that familiarizes you with issues related to the world's populations and environmental topics that are vital for decision making in the international business world. Complete two international relations and institutions courses to total 6 s.h. 

World language or study abroad experience

Experiences that allow you to gain insight into the culture of another world region and deepen your understanding of your own language and culture. Develop an intermediate-level competence in a language by completing an approved language sequence or a study abroad experience coordinated with at least 3 s.h. of the coursework used to fulfill the area studies requirement. 

Area studies

Topics that are critical to your understanding of how society and culture influence the people of the world and how they do business. Complete 6 s.h. from one geographic region that is related to your chosen world language or study abroad experience. 

Declare the IBC

You can declare the IBC by logging into MyUI and navigating to Student Information > Advising > Programs of Study and Advisors.

To earn the certificate, students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in all coursework. It is also important to note that at least 20 s.h. of certificate coursework (other than language courses) must be completed at the UI or approved study abroad programs.