Seeking out Research with Tippie Faculty

Step 1: Register your interest in doing undergraduate research. Submissions from the Research Interest form will be routed to a Tippie advisor who can review a list of faculty engaged in research that might include a project for undergraduate students. The Tippie advisor will let you know if a match is possible. Remember, these opportunities are faculty driven so flexibility is key in thinking about what you might be interested in doing.

Step 2: If registering your interest doesn't result in a match, seek out opportunities yourself. Reach out to faculty. Visit office hours or send an email introducing yourself, letting them know that you’re interested in learning more about their research. Ask them about how they got interested the topic, how they are conducting their research, and if there is anything that you would be able to assist with.

Step 3: Once you have made an arrangement with a faculty member to assist with research, decide which course enrollment makes the most sense for your circumstances.

Register your research interest

Comparing Research Course Options

BUS:3600 Mentored Research

  • Administered by the Tippie College of Business
  • Counts as business elective hours
  • Can be taken for 1-3 hours
  • Graded A-F
  • Tuition charged per credit hour unless student is already enrolled full time (12 hours) in fall or spring
  • See course description in MyUI for instructions on enrolling

URES:399X Undergraduate Research

  • Administered by the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR)
  • Counts as non-business elective hours, if taken for credit
  • Can be taken for 0-4 hours
  • Can be taken S-F or graded A-F
  • No tuition charged for zero-hour option. Tuition charged per credit hour for credit-bearing option unless student is already enrolled full time (12 hours) in fall or spring
  • See course description in MyUI for instructions on enrolling.

OUR Research Fellowship Funding for Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) supports undergraduate research through research grants, payable to students as stipends.

Grants are available in the following amounts:

  • $2500 for summer research (estimating 20 hours/week)
  • $2000 for academic year (estimating 5-10 hours/week)

Applications are prepared by both the faculty mentor and student researcher and must be submitted during the spring semester for both research in the summer and in the next academic year.

Students approved for an OUR Fellowship register their research under URES:3995 for zero hours. View more information.