Registering for research

We encourage you to register for a research course whenever you engage in a research project for an academic term; students doing Honors in the Major or working with the Office of Undergraduate Research have designated courses, all other business undergraduate researchers should take BUS:3600. Research course registration brings several benefits for both you and your faculty mentors.

  • Research is clearly noted on your transcript, which may be beneficial in future graduate school admission or job searching.
  • Satisfy the Tippie RISE experiential learning requirement.  
  • Earn 0-4 semester hours and a letter grade.
  • Clarify expectations with your faculty mentor about the research tasks, time commitment, deadlines, and deliverables.

Steps to sign-up for Mentored Research (BUS:3600)

Step 1: Determine your research interest


First time undergraduate researchers usually prefer to help with research that a faculty member is doing before taking the lead on a research project. That way, you learn the common procedures and challenges from an experienced researcher. However, if you feel prepared to coordinate a research project, you will still benefit from the support of a faculty member with a similar research background.


Step 2: Find a faculty mentor


This step can be the most time consuming, so make sure to start searching early, preferably in the semester prior. Begin by asking faculty members in your desired major what undergraduate research opportunities they may have available. It may be easiest to start by talking to faculty members and instructors you know, but you can also read the faculty members' profiles on your major department's website to learn their research interests. Keep in mind that sometimes faculty research projects may not be able to accommodate an undergraduate researcher due to the complicated nature of a particular research project or the stage in the research process.


Step 3: Complete Mentored Research Agreement


Complete and submit the Mentored Research Agreement (pdf) in consultation with your faculty mentor, then turn it in to the Tippie Undergraduate Program Office, C140 PBB. If all the listed course criteria are met, you will then be given permission to enroll in the course.


Register your research interest

Honors in the Major (XXXX:4999) process and requirements

The Honors in the Major distinction is awarded to students who complete an honors thesis in their field of study. Under the supervision of a Tippie faculty advisor, students can undertake their own honors thesis project, including research and data analysis, resulting in a written report of their work. Students earn Honors in the Major by successfully completing the requirements and graduating with a GPA of 3.5 or above in cumulative, UI, business, and Major.

  • Take BUS:1999, Introduction to Research in Business. Through this one-hour S/U graded course, you'll explore types of business research, learn how to develop a thesis topic, and meet Tippie faculty engaged in research.
  • Develop your thesis topic and secure a faculty advisor.
  • Register for the Honors Thesis course. The thesis is a two-semester project. In both semesters, you enroll in your academic department's 4999 Honors Thesis course for 2 semester hours.
  • Present your work in poster format at the Fall or Spring Undergraduate Research Festival.
  • Complete an honors thesis, approved by the faculty mentor.
  • Graduate with a 3.5 or above GPA for cumulative, UI, business, and UI business

An honors thesis is a large undertaking, requiring self-motivation and discipline. It is recommended students set up an appointment with the Assistant Director of Experiential Learning, Patrick Rossmann (, to discuss further and guide you through the process.

Students do not need to be in University Honors to do Honors in the Major, however, completing an honors thesis completely satisfies the experiential learning credit requirement for University Honors. Students can graduate with University Honors, Honors in the Majors, or both.