Become more globally minded

We know that in today’s fast-paced, socially connected world, having global awareness is essential. And what better way to find that awareness than making international connections on campus? Tippie makes it easy to find out what kind of cultures interest you without even leaving PBB.

Tippie Buddies

Experience a new culture at Tippie while sharing your culture with someone new. International Buddies at Tippie places international and American students in small groups based on mutual interests.

Throughout the semester, you'll regularly meet up with your small group for dinner, coffee, studying, or anything that you enjoy doing. We also host buddy events throughout the semester including a kick-off at the beginning of the semester and a celebration at the end.

Apply Now! - Application Deadline: September 29, 2023

Apply to be a Tippie Buddy

Global Engagement Student Advisory Board

Global Engagement Student Advisory Board (GESAB) serves to promote a culture of inclusivity and global awareness both in and out of the Tippie classroom. We reflect the diversity of the undergraduate student body. Our members agree to serve for at least a one-year term on the board, meeting both as a large group and in small subcommittee planning groups.

Application process

Any student in good standing admitted to Tippie is eligible to apply. The selection process is competitive, and successful applicants usually share these characteristics:

  • Enthusiasm for programming, planning, and brainstorming new ideas for the college
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good academic performance (typically 2.8 GPA and above) 
  • Commitment to global awareness demonstrated through study abroad, student organization memberships, volunteer work, and other activities that foster cross-cultural connections.  

Student organizations

We are all about our student orgs that promote international connections on campus. Check out this cultural group that will help you experience the world while you're in the middle of Iowa City.

Multicultural Business Student Association