Specialize with certificates or a dual degree

If you have interest in a specific subject area, you can give your resume a boost by completing a professional certificate as part of your MBA or by adding a Master of Science in business analytics. Explore these options, including how and when to apply.

Certificates in business analytics, finance, leadership, marketing, and innovation

Certificates can be interwoven with MBA coursework, so with careful planning you don't need to take any extra courses. Because they're delivered through the Iowa MBA Program courses, tuition per class is the same. Course credits count toward the required elective courses and help you focus on what you're interested in. Earn a professional certificate in:

  • Finance – The four-course program covers financial management principles, corporate investment and financing decisions, risk management theories, wealth management, and more.
  • Corporate Finance – Explore financial reporting instruments, managerial finance, corporate investment and financing decisions, and financial strategy in the four-course series.
  • Financial Decision-Making – Learn to read financial reports, articulate reasoned financial decisions, analyze financial statements, make forecasts, and evaluate new business ventures. In just four courses, you'll earn a structured finance credential.
  • Investment Management–The four-course program covers financial management principles, portfolio management, real estate finance and investments, wealth management, and more.
  • Responsible Resource Management – Four courses straddle both finance and accounting, including corporate financial reporting, strategic cost analysis, corporate social responsibility, and one elective you choose.
  • Risk Management and Insurance - The four-course program covers how to identify risk exposures and make recommendations that will help your company avoid undue risk.
  • Leadership – Leadership and Personal Development, Management in Organizations plus three electives
  • Marketing – Marketing Management plus three electives
  • Innovation – Three required courses plus one elective.

Earn a graduate certificate in:

  • Business Analytics - Five required courses; be sure to declare this certificate prior to your last class as it must be earned in the semester you complete the final requirement.

These certificates have no separate admissions criteria for Iowa MBA students. Notify an advisor that you would like to have the certificate(s) added to your student record and appear on your transcript as a certificate.

MBA/Master of Science in business analytics dual degree

Combine the Iowa MBA Program with a Master of Science in business analytics, and round out your business skills with data analysis and insight expertise.

In the dual MBA/MS, each degree program accepts, or cross-counts, courses from the other, which in effect cuts the credits you need by five courses. That’s 15 credit hours, the equivalent of about a year’s worth of classes, or about $10k in tuition.

The MS in Business Analytics is available online .

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When and how to apply

Planning ahead is important when you're seeking a certificate or dual degree. The requirements can seem complex, so talk to your academic advisor to ensure your plan of study is in alignment.

Certificates in business analytics, marketing, finance, leadership, and innovation

There are no admissions criteria for certificates, but you do need to notify us of your intentions in order to ensure the certificate(s) appear on your transcript.

Timing: You must notify us of your intention to earn a certificate prior to degree application deadlines.  These deadlines are typically mid-February for spring, June for summer, and September for fall.  Late notification of your intention to earn a certificate could result in late fees. Additionally, the Graduate College requires that the business analytics certificate be conferred in the semester in which the final course is taken and cannot be conferred retroactively.

How to request: To have the certificate added to your transcript, just email your academic advisor.

Policies: Current Iowa MBA students can pursue multiple certificates at the same time. A 2.75 GPA or better for all certificate courses is needed for successful completion of the certificate.

Dual MBA/MS (business analytics)

Admission to both programs (MBA and MS) is required to pursue the dual MBA/MS in business analytics.

Even if you've already been fully admitted to the Iowa MBA Program, you must apply and be admitted to the Master of Science in business analytics to earn the dual degree. See the MS admissions requirements.

Timing:  You must apply to the Master of Science program before completion of your third business analytics course (9 s.h.). Choosing electives with the MBA/MS in mind will help you maximize the number of credits that will apply to both the MBA and the MS. Once admitted to the dual degree program, your academic advisor will help you outline a MBA/MS plan of study that lets you graduate in the fewest number of semesters.

How to apply:  Apply separately to each program. See Iowa MBA admissions and Business Analytics admissions pages for details.