Tuition and fees

See tuition cost and details on our Tuition & Aid page.

University fees

Iowa MBA students pay a one-time Records and Documents fee. This replaces graduation and transcript fees, as well as other Registrar fees. University of Iowa graduates are waived from this fee.

Admission type fee amount
Full Admission $225, billed with first course enrollment
Professional Certificates $75, billed in second semester of enrollment


If you begin as a Certificate student and later enroll for Full Admission, you'll be credited the $75 and charged the Full Admission fee.

Employer reimbursement and deferred payment

If your employer reimburses you for partial or full tuition following course completion, you can defer your tuition payment until the semester's end. To take advantage of this benefit, you need to apply for an Employer Deferment.

Important information for students utilizing deferred payment:

  • The employer deferment application is available in MyUI in the Finances and Billing section on the Financial Aid and Billing page. View the Employer Deferment application instructions.
  • There is a $35 fee per semester for deferral that must be paid in full by the normal U-Bill due date.
  • An online form that does not require an employer signature will be available by May 1.
  • Submit the form by the employer deferment enrollment deadlines (Fall semester: August 1; Spring semester: January 1; Summer session: June 1); after that, late payment fees may apply.
  • A new request must be submitted each time the previous agreement expires.
  • Your U-Bill must be paid by the due date, approximately 30 days after grades are posted in MyUI, regardless of your employer's reimbursement timing.
  • Contact the University Billing Office if you have any additional Employer Deferment questions.

Full-time/half-time student status

Some financial aid support, loan deferments, and regulations are dependent on your status as a full-time or half-time student. Federal regulations state that a half-time or full-time graduate student is "carrying a half-time or full-time academic work-load as determined by the institution according to its own standards and practices." Here's how this applies to graduate studies at The University of Iowa:

Full-time status

Defined for graduate students as 9 semester hours per semester during the academic year or 5 semester hours during summer session.

Half-time status

Defined for graduate students as 5 semester hours (rounds up to two courses, totaling 6 hours) per semester during the academic year or 3 semester hours (one course) during the summer session.

Veteran benefits

As a veteran or active-duty service member, you’re entitled to getting your GMAT or GRE test-taker fee reimbursed by the V.A. (requires GI Bill eligibility). If you intend to use veteran education benefits, get assistance through the Office of GI Bill Services at 319-335-3895 or by email at

Federal & private loans

Fully admitted U.S. citizens and permanent residents can typically secure federal aid (loans) through the University of Iowa Office of Student Financial Aid. If you plan to go this route, you’ll want to complete the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) well in advance of starting classes.

MBA students also have access to a growing number of private loans, including home equity loans. Contact your bank and research your options; terms and conditions for these programs vary.

Payment options and payment plans

In addition to the deferred option described above, there are several ways to pay your tuition bill, from automatic deduction to installments. See all the options on the University Billing Office website.