Hardware requirements

If you're taking online courses, you'll need access to the following:

  1. Computer with administrative rights for downloading and installing software applications and extensions. 
  2. A reliable internet connection with a speed of 2Mbps or greater speed. You can test your speed with many utilities, and there are websites, such as https:/www.speedtest.net.
  3. Web camera capable of web conferencing. (The built-in camera in most laptops typically works fine.)
  4. USB headset with microphone. (This is needed to minimize audio feedback and room noise and maximize sound quality.)

Important technology considerations

  • Public access and company issued computers, especially those that utilize firewalls, may not permit access to certain course materials or systems due to security limitations and may not be a compatible choice for accessing and completing Tippie Graduate Management program coursework and exams.
  • The use of satellite and cellular connections may result in slowness or errors (timeouts, access problems) when accessing the classroom and course materials.
  • The use of public access computers and internet (for example, at restaurants and public institutions such as libraries) may result in slowness or errors (timeouts or access problems) when accessing the classroom and course materials.

Canvas and geographic limitations

Canvas "powers" Iowa Courses ONline (ICON), the Learning Management System (LMS) used across the University of Iowa. Due to firewalls or government restrictions blocking the Canvas LMS, if you are traveling to China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or the region of Crimea you may have difficulty accessing online course content when in these areas.


Proctored examinations

Some online courses will require students to complete exams that utilize a remote, online proctoring system. This is done to ensure the highest integrity in exam completion. The controlled environment created by supervised exams allows proctors to verify the identity of the student and prevent the use of unauthorized aids or tools. Currently, the primary platform used at the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business to administer remote, proctored examinations is Proctorio. Proctorio is a third-party vendor, which has successfully cleared the University of Iowa's Technology Review Process.

Refer to your course syllabus and ICON course site for exam information specific to your course.

6 Things to Know About Proctorio

  1. To use Proctorio, students will need:
    • A webcam
    • A microphone
    • The Google Chrome browser. Proctorio is an extension for Chrome, and students and instructors must use Chrome as their web browser in order to access exams secured by Proctorio.
    • The Proctorio Extension installed on the computer used to take the exam. The Proctorio extension can be uninstalled after the exam and then reinstalled whenever needed.
    • A quiet, private location
    • A reliable internet connection
  2. Proctorio records the student taking an exam.

    Proctorio is powered by artificial intelligence, not by a human. In order to provide a proctored environment, Proctorio allows instructors to select a number of different settings. Settings may include watching students through their webcam, listening through their microphone, recording the student’s screen, and/or requiring room scans.

  3. Room scans are critical.

    Exam Services recommends that all students using Proctorio complete a good quality room scan at the beginning of their exam. A successful room scan must clearly show the area on the desk, under the desk, and a 360 degree view of the entire room.

  4. Proctorio can and will close the student out of the exam.

    If Proctorio suspects certain types of academic misconduct, it will shut itself down. Because Proctorio serves as the exam access point, when Proctorio shuts down, the student can no longer access the exam. For example, Proctorio, per the settings recommended by Exam Services, will not allow keyboard shortcuts. Proctorio does not know the difference between Ctrl + F, to find a word on a page in Chrome, and a shortcut used to access an unauthorized program/file. Proctorio’s response to shortcut use (or FaceTime or text messages) is to shut down. In innocent cases like these, students should be allowed to re-enter the exam.

  5. Do not use keyboard shortcuts during the exam. As mentioned above, Proctorio will view this as a potential cheating threat and will shut down the exam.
  6. Students have access to online help during the exam.

    Students are not out-of-luck when an exam in Proctorio fails. Most of the time, Proctorio failures are innocent. Students can contact Proctorio, and most of the time Proctorio is able to get the student back into the exam. Students can Live Chat, email, or call Proctorio. Proctorio’s contact info can be found in the Exams modules in ICON and by clicking on the gray shield in the upper right corner of Chrome.

Proctorio Questions & Answers

I have taken several online courses at the University of Iowa and this is my first proctored exam. Why is this exam now using a remote, online proctor system?
As more and more courses are offered online, there is an increased need to ensure the integrity of courses and programs. Using an online proctor system to monitor examinations is one way to continue to offer the convenience of distance exams yet also protect the integrity of the programs offered.

Will the Proctorio software access other files and data on my computer or desktop?
No. While you are using Proctorio, the screen is locked down to only the active screen for the exam. So even if there are other programs open in the background, Proctorio doesn’t record them.

What if my company computer will not let me install Google extensions?
If the instructor intends to use the online proctoring system for an exam, you will be required to use a computer that allows administrative rights to download the necessary extensions and software. If you don’t have a personal computer, maybe you can borrow one from a friend or neighbor.

What if I don’t have a webcam?
As a webcam is required for a course that uses online proctoring, you will need to purchase or borrow one and make sure it can work with the laptop you plan to use.

Who can I contact if the exam closes on me?
Proctorio offers 24/7 live support via chat. Live Chat is available by clicking the gray shield image in the top right corner of the Chrome browser or by locating Proctorio Tools in the top left corner of the quiz/exam screen. Live Chat is particularly helpful as the representative can see the test taker's screen to better assist with problems.

When asked to provide photo identification, I am uncomfortable revealing the personal information contained in my driver’s license.
Only revealing the photo is sufficient. The other information can be concealed when providing proof of test-taker identity.

Why can I only use a single monitor for a proctored exam?
Proctorio, at this time, is only able to lock down and monitor a single screen/monitor. If you use a computer with two monitors, you will need to unplug the second one.