Declaring a double major or accomplishing a joint degree is more than possible.

There are just a couple things you should know before you really go for it.

Double majors

Any additional majors that you'd like to study need to be declared by your advisor. Once you declare both majors, a degree evaluation will be available for each one. It is important to note that you'll be held to specific major requirements at the time you declare your major(s), not the requirements of the major.

Financial considerations

If you declare a double major, you will no longer qualify for federal financial aid once you have completed ONE degree. This generally means that you should arrange your course schedule so that you complete the requirements for all of your majors at the same time.

Financial information


You must be in good academic standing to declare an additional major. There are six GPAs that are monitored for probation; a GPA below 2.0 in any of those areas in either major will result in probation.

Students on probation with more than one business major may be required to drop one or more majors in order to pursue one business major only.

Grading information

Joint degrees

You may pursue joint undergraduate degrees in the Tippie College of Business and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences OR the College of Engineering. If you are in a joint degree program, you are:

  • Allowed a combined maximum of three second-grade-only options
  • Expected to meet all degree requirements and General Education requirements for both majors
  • Assigned two advisors—one in each college
  • Assessed tuition for the primary major only

Business and Liberal Arts and Sciences

Current UI students: If you are in the joint Tippie College of Business/College of Liberal Arts and Sciences program, you will have the Tippie College of Business major listed as your primary major.

New first-year applicants: First-year applicants who are eligible for direct admission to Tippie have two options for admission to the joint degree program: 1) declare business as your primary major (accepting admission to Tippie) or 2) declare a major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as your primary major and your non-primary major will be Pre-Business. Choosing option number two means that you will not be directly admitted to Tippie.

Business and Engineering

If you are in the joint Tippie College of Business/College of Engineering program, you must enroll in appropriate mathematics and engineering courses early in your course of study to complete the program in a timely way. Because courses in natural sciences, mathematics, humanities, and social sciences count toward the BBA and the BSE, you may count a single course toward both degrees. You will have the College of Engineering major listed as your primary major.

Contact the Tippie Undergraduate Program Office or the College of Engineering Student Development Center for specific degree requirements.