Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) competencies are an expectation in the workplace. Tippie's required Business Communication and Protocol course specifically engages in DEI exploration with required readings and responses within the context that DEI practice is communication practice. At least 10% of instructional time in BCaP is devoted to DEI topics, both in small group and whole class discussions. 

DEI Communication Assignments

The assigned topic for BCaP's course-long capstone project frequently centers DEI issues. The most recent, from Fall 2021, asked students to choose a U Iowa student organization and, taking on the role of a consulting firm, advise the organization on how to improve its DEI practices. Click the links below to see examples of students' final projects.

In the Classroom

Business Communication and Protocol makes DEI an integral part of its in-class experience. Student-led discussions foster critical thinking and create an inclusive space for all viewpoints and identities. See below for examples of DEI discussion prompts.

BCaP DEI Discussion Post #1 (docx)

BCaP DEI Discussion Post #2 (docx)

BCaP DEI Discussion Post #3 (docx)