Billing schedule

You will receive four invoices during the program, one at the beginning of each semester for the upcoming courses.

For your convenience, the staff handles all details such as course registrations, book purchases and distribution, materials assembly and distribution, and dining and graduation arrangements. You're also provided with free class-day parking on campus throughout the program. You are responsible for transportation to and from campus and airfare for the international seminar.

Please contact us for more details about fees and payment schedule.

Tuition responsibility schedule

The tuition responsibility schedule specifies what portion of the tuition you are responsible for in the event that you withdraw from the program. The following tables indicate tuition percentages at different points in the program.


Notification to drop course or withdraw from program received: PERCENT OF tuition
Before end of prior class or prior semester 0%
Day of 1st class session through day prior to 2nd class session 10%
Day of 2nd class session through day prior to 3rd class session 25%
Day of 3rd class session through day prior to 4th class session 50%
Day of 3rd class session through day prior to 4th class session 75%
Day of 5th class session and after 100%


Executive MBA tuition disclosure

Department of Education Cash Management Regulation §668.164(c)(2) requires institutions with programs that include the costs of books and supplies as part of tuition and fees to separately disclose those costs and explain why including them is in the best financial interests of students.

The University of Iowa provides books, cases, articles and other course materials to students in the Executive MBA Program. These materials are provided to the students prior to the start of each term. The total cost of books and course materials is approximately $2,800 per student over the 4 term program. While students could purchase these materials directly from the vendor it is usually at a higher cost. For instance, Harvard Business Publishing cases cost 67% more when purchased directly by students.

However, each student has the right to opt out of the all-inclusive tuition rate and purchase the materials on their own. Students will receive tuition credit/reimbursement up to $700 per term if they choose to purchase their own materials. A student who takes this option does so for the entire academic year (i.e., you can’t opt in or out by term). Students who opt out are responsible for locating and purchasing all materials prior to class deadlines and are responsible for paying all copyright charges according to current copyright laws. Students must present original receipts for books and other course materials in order to receive the credit/reimbursement.

Download the Tuition Opt-Out Request form (pdf)