Globalize your resume. Gain workplace experience. Explore the world.

Get hands-on experience in an international workplace with an internship that is customized to your professional interest. Global interning will equip you with the skills and background that today’s employers want.

The University of Iowa Study Abroad Office has established several on-site internship opportunities and virtual internship options. Through these internships you will work with companies across the globe to support a variety of projects ranging from social media support to website designs, market reports, financial assessments, usability testing code, and much more. Immerse yourself in a new culture, acquire skills, attain personal growth, explore possible career paths, prepare for future job placements, develop language skills, and much more.

On-site internships

To help facilitate international internship opportunities for UI students with reputable providers, Iowa has affiliated with IES AbroadCEAUSACTEAN and CIEE. All are trusted internship and study abroad partners. 


  • Iowa students can earn credit, either resident or transfer, depending on the program
  • They guarantee full-time summer (or part-time fall/spring for SIT and CEA) internship students an internship placement, tailored to the individual student's goals and aspirations.
  • They all are vetted by the University of Iowa and have very high standards for health and safety

Where can you go?

Some examples include: Spain, England, France, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Italy, and Chile

Find an internship

To see a list of programs that offer internships, go to the Study Abroad Program Search page in the Program Features dropdown list, select "Internship."

Virtual internships

We have multiple options for virtual internships to help find you the location and internship that works best for you! For business students, the following options offer the most internships in your field, but check out all of the options here

CEA Virtual Internships Abroad: Virtual internships abroad offer you the opportunity to gain valuable résumé experience, build a global professional network, and expand your skillset while staying local this summer. Offered across 10 cities in eight countries around the world, CEA’s virtual internships abroad allow you to boost your career path and add skills that will set you apart from candidates once you graduate and enter the job market. 

Virtual Internship
  • Barcelona or Sevilla, SpaiEdit media
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Paris, France
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Rome or Florence, Italy
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Prague, Czech Republic

IES Virtual Internships: IES has been offering quality, part-time internships for nearly 60 years. And now, they’re bringing the internships to you with the IES Virtual Internship Program. You tell IES which term you want to go, what you would like to do, if you have a preference of where your employer is located (one of several IES Abroad host cities), how many hours you want to work (between 10 and 32 per week), and IES makes the arrangements. You get the same hands-on (just not literally), professional experience you'd get abroad, while also gaining the remote working skills that are oh-so-important right now, plus an international component to boot.


Learn more about future sessions:

IIB international internships

The Institute for International Business (IIB) at Tippie College of Business offers multiple internships aimed to increase cross-cultural competency and communication by connecting students with business leaders abroad and in Iowa.

The IIB offers the African Business Innovators internship, a virtual internship pairing student interns with companies owned by UI Mandela Washington Fellowship alum. Students work with the companies on critical projects with the support and mentorship of UI instructor Dimy Doresca.

The Iowa International Business Internship is an opportunity for UI students to gain hands-on experience working with an Iowa-based company that seeks to expand its markets across international borders or companies that already have global operations.

More information on these internships and instructions on how to apply can be found on the Institute for International Business internships page.

Tippie global internship scholarship

Tippie has two specific Global Internship Scholarships that can be combined with other Tippie, study abroad, and program specific scholarships for both on-site and virtual internships. Awards range from $300 - $1,000. Apply for Tippie Study Abroad Scholarships, indicate that you are doing a Tippie Global Internship, and you will be considered for all of these awards. 


There are many other scholarships available to make global internships possible. Here are some resources to get you started: