About us

Create your own entrepreneurial endeavor and change the world. Enactus is an international organization where you can create your own entrepreneurial-based projects and work with student, academic, and business leaders. Make your business ideas come to life in your local community or in a community halfway across the world. 


How to join

If you are interested in joining Enactus, please fill out this form and President Parker Georlett will reach out to with further details.

Compete with the best

​Enactus believes that competition encourages creativity and rewards results. Our goal at Enactus at Iowa is to compete to make the largest impact through projects using entrepreneurial action. We attend an annual series of regional and national competitions to showcase the impact the students at Iowa have made in our community and communities abroad.

Develop real world skills

Projects not only help the communities we are involved in, but members gain transferable skills through participation. Enactus is a great way to learn more about leadership, management, teamwork, and gain real world experience in your field of study. Since we host a variety of projects, students from any field of study can contribute in a meaningful way, using their unique skill-sets. We encourage membership from all majors.

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Brianna Bentler